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40K September 04, 2016

Race Day Comments

The fourth 40km ABC time trial of the season on Perth Road was completed on September 4th, 2016. Twenty-one riders started and 20 finished. Conditions were good for the time of year; sunny, temperature rising throughout the event to 18C at the end, and calm air.

Aaron Fillion was the fastest overall rider with a time of 51:39. The fastest ABC rider was Michael Coldwell. Celia McInnis was the fastest female rider. Using databases kept by Celia McInnis and John Warren, there were three personal bests and one course best. One rider did not finish due to a flat on the return leg. Welcome to Andrew Gustyn who completed his first 40km time trial. Emily Jansen was the Time Keeper and was assisted by John Warren. Anne-Marie Carter-McAuslan and Diane Marleau were the Turn Marshalls.

Thank you to all riders and volunteers who made this a successful 40 km time trial season. The next 15km time Trial will be held at Union Hall ( corner of Tatlock and Wolf Grove Roads) on September 6th with the watch starting at 6:00 pm and sign in from 5:30 pm. NOTE THAT THIS IS ONE HALF HOUR EARLIER THAN IN AUGUST.

Previous Results 

Martin Skody Ottawa Bicycle Club 00:00:00
Aaron Fillion Ride with Rendall 00:51:39
Mike Nash Ride with Rendall 00:54:47
Paul Datars Ottawa Bicycle Club 00:56:32
Craig Burge Ottawa Bicycle Club 00:58:32
Larry Burge Ottawa Bicycle Club 01:00:19
Colin Campbell Ottawa Bicycle Club 01:00:23
Alberto Padilla Rouleurs 01:01:28
David Wright Ottawa Bicycle Club 01:03:25
Russ Redshaw Ottawa Bicycle Club 01:05:07
Michael Coldwell Almonte Bicycle Club 01:06:42
Ryan Gilchrist Ottawa Bicycle Club 01:08:07
Richard Mertl UCI 01:08:08
Andrew Gustyn Eurosport 01:09:08
Les Humphreys Almonte Bicycle Club 01:10:01
Vello Mijal Ottawa Bicycle Club 01:10:06
Tom Kemp Almonte Bicycle Club 01:11:29
Dave McAuslan Almonte Bicycle Club 01:12:27
John Balint Ottawa Bicycle Club 01:12:53
Roger Kinsman Almonte Bicycle Club 01:13:38
Celia McInnis Almonte Bicycle Club 01:15:36