The Almonte Bicycle Club (ABC) 2016 membership registration is now available. To be able to participate in ABC activities you must be a member of ABC.

The registration process will take you to the CCNBikes, the operator of the registration website. If you get stuck at any point in the registration process, you can call CCN Bikes at 1 866 534-2453 Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5:00 pm, Pacific time.

If you are planning to ride in the Ottawa Bicycle Club cyclocross race series in the autumn, at the same time you register for ABC you can also buy the Citizen Permit which you will need for that series.

It is important to read everything on the CCNBikes website carefully. Once you have completed the application, you will be emailed a letter confirming your registration with the club and that payment has been made. Club member cards will be sent directly to your email address by CCNBikes. The confirmation email can serve as proof of membership until you receive your club card.

All ABC members need to take out membership in the OCA (Ontario Cycling Association). To join, you must accept the OCA Waiver, Release & Indemnity Agreement, and you must also agree to abide by ABC’s Risk Management Policies. You should read through these policies before joining the ABC.

Third party liability insurance is provided by the OCA to all ABC members. You will need a “Competitive Club” membership as ABC runs a series of time trials, timed cycling events. When you “Select your affiliation” choose the “Almonte Bicycle Club” option.

Membership in ABC is $65 for 2015 and you will pay this total amount to CCNBikes when you register. CCNBikes remits $39 to the OCA and the remainder, $26, to ABC.

Youth (under 19) registration is $55. For under 19 members please follow the instructions during the registration process. You will be asked to download a waiver form to be signed by a parent or guardian and e-mailed to the OCA. All Payments will still be made via CCNBikes. Please contact for more details if you need them.

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