What The World’s Most Powerful Drive: Armored Limousine

The world’s most powerful people often are the ones who are the heads of certain state. Glamour is a part of their daily lives. But they are also required to remain slightly mysterious to the world for their own sake. Their vehicle is usually an exposition of what they represent and you will always find them being chauffeured in an armored limousine. These cars do not only carry the head but also their stately guests all of whom require a lot of protection.

The security of such officials is always sensitive and just any ordinary vehicle is not good enough for them. The armored cars have a lot of protective features complete with ammunition of their own. Safety and comfort and also entertainment are its regular features. The manufacturers of such cars constantly update the machinations of such cars in order to maintain the rapport with their powerful and influential clients. An armored limousine is not just luxurious but also a necessity for these clients.

armored limousine

The Bentley

The Bentley limousine is what the Queen travels in. The car has been made especially for her. In 2002 the Bentley came up with the car to celebrate the Queen’s 50th birthday. The roof is made high to help the easy movement of the Queen within the car.

Cadillac One

This is not your average car, it weighs at around 8 tons and is 18ft long. The armoring of the door is 8 inch thick and is the bearer of none other than the president of the United States. It has a nickname too, it is called the Beast. It has everything that the president requires even blood of his type. This is an armored limousine that has everything, the quality and the style.

Mercedes M-class

The Pope also is one of the most powerful heads in the world, and needs sufficient protection. This particular car caters to the requirements of the Pope. This has been customized for the religious head and has been named the ‘Popemobile’. There is a compartment made of armored glass to protect him while still help him to interact with the general public on his outings.

armoured car

Jaguar Sentinel

This is an armored limousine that has been at the service of the Prime Minister of the U.K. for a while. It looks dashing like the ones in the Bond movies. The body is bullet proof and so are the glasses and the car also has night vision. The car is not very lightweight. The seats are designed to massage the passengers so relaxation and protection both can be had by the minister.

Customized cars have been in vogue among the rich and powerful as different people have different needs. These cars provide the best protection while still being stylish. So they are getting the best of both worlds. The powerful require the best armored limousine to help them safeguard themselves, as well as show off their status. Car manufacturers have come up with new designed and now even campaign buses are being armored.

How to Bulletproof A Car explained by an armored vehicle manufacturer

A very prominent business of the present times is armoring passenger cars. In countries like Brazil, the demand for armored cars is high because of the increasing murder rate. You will easily come across many top armored cars company which are quite popular in the market. If you are intrigued about how a car is armored then you should go through the points mentioned below.

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Doors, Body and Interior

The first step of armoring a car is to remove all the components from the body of the car. The wiring, seats, interior trim and seats need to be removed before the process of armoring can begin. The door and all the other cavities also need to be cut open so that different materials can be welded or stuffed into the empty spaces. Depending on the protection desired, the top armored cars company bolsters the pillars and doors with steel plates.

In case the doors become too heavy then a third hinge is added. The fire wall along with the rear bulkhead can also be steel-plated. The floor and ceiling are usually lined with ballistic fabrics. In fact, stock bumpers are designed in such a manner that they absorb energy and crumple during major impacts. The aim of armoring the car followed by the top armored cars company is to make it appear unmodified from the inside as well as outside.


In armoring cars, bulletproofing plays an important role and is known as the transparent armor. The glass which is used for armoring the vehicles is not the thicker version of the safety glass which is found in the side window of regular cars. It is a sandwich of polycarbonate and leaded glass. One of the thinnest option is 0.8 inch is capable of stopping subsonic rounds coming from the popular 9mm handgun. The thickest version which is 2.0 inches can stop a single shot from a high-powered 0.30-06 rifle.


The regular run-flat tires will not be able to stand to gunfire because the bullets would be able to shed the stiff sidewalls on which these tires rely on for support. A composite run flat tire is used which is custom made for each application. The tire is supposed to be clamped around the centerline of the wheel. In case the pneumatic tire loses pressure, then the polymer ring ensures support and provides a speed of 60-mph for more than 60 miles. A top armored cars company always tries to offer the best to their customers.

Suspension and Engine

The lightest armoring adds up to minimum 500 pounds to a large vehicle. If the greatest level of protection is used in a vehicle then it can add up to 1400 pounds and the drivetrain and chassis might need some modification. In order to maintain drivability, spring rates rise and damping and air spring slots are added. The most advanced engines in the large sedans have sufficient power to cope with the additional weight. In case the customer requests for an engine modification, it is carried out only then. The top armored cars company is trying their level best to develop luxurious armored cars which will suit the requirements of their customers.

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